Six Weeks Vision Board Using Pinterest

I’ve always heard of vision boards as a great way of developing…well a vision. Although I am a big fan of planning for the future, I think it’s also important to be able to have a vision for the short term.

So I want to start the next Six Weeks with a clear vision for what I am doing and why it matters.

My Goals For the Next 6 Weeks Are The Following

  1. Build A WordPress Theme For Writers and Artists
  2. Find a New Job/Relocate
  3. Get Bigger Arms and Legs Using a Home Gym
  4. Redesign My Personal Site
  5. Design My Personal Business Cards
  6. Finish Client Work
  7. Sort Through my Photography
  8. Quit Smoking and Spend More time on Health and Fitness.
  9. Launch my Pinterest and Facebook Pages for Notes And Drafts
  10. Design a Logo for Notes and Drafts.
  11. Build REACT JS APP.
  12. Good thing I’ve had my orange juice 😉
  13. It’s been fun reflecting on creativity. But it’s time to get back to being creative.

Ok, so why are you telling me this?

The fruits of these six weeks of labor and discipline will yield FREE and Premium blogging resources for all!

Define “blogging resources”.

  • A Free version of the WordPress Theme that I am developing.
  • A who bunch of stock photography.
  • A Guide To being a “solo-preneur” and to building a “home gym”.
  • Printables
  • And more 🙂

To Check Out My BRAND NEW Vision Board on Pinterest Click On The Image Below!

I will be keeping it curated with resources, inspiration, and any tools I use to make the process easier.

Pinterest 10-31-2018 4-40-28 PM.png

To Jump To My Current Vision Board Click On The Image Below!

Pinterest 10-31-2018 4-38-02 PM.png

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