Every Reason I Love Writing After 30 Days and 30 Blog Posts

“Everything here feels like it should’ve been gotten rid of yesterday.”

Those were the faithful words that kicked of 30 Days of successes, failures, trying too hard as well as not trying hard enough (if I’m being honest) and most all–writing.

I will be taking a break to reflect on my journal entries for the last 30 days and, I’m as nervous as I am excited about what I’ll discover about myself.

This challenge might not blow up your follower count but it WILL blow your mind when you look back on it. It has for me, and it continues to do so.

There were multiple times where this challenge was exactly that and other times it was just painfully aware how little planning I had done for this experiment of mine. Because that’s what got me through it, thinking about all of it as a social experiment.

A chance to learn about the what, why’s, and how’s of how I connect with people. That and a newly kindled love of writing.

Plus it was also narcissistic as hell. I think the “Beib” sums up what writing about yourself daily for 30 days feels/looks like:

What I’ve learned about writing tone, voice and subject matter from  feedback and reflection–I will post very soon. Also coming soon, my plans for blogtober.

Until then…one last time…let’s get started.


It connects me to people who I may never know or meet.

To write I have to think of ideas based on what I and others, hopefully, will find useful or entertaining. However, there is a third and more potent feeling of being connected to someone you’ve never met.

When I look at the places my traffic comes from, I sometimes find myself day dreaming of visiting those countries. The more I think about it. The more I realize I like that idea. I like it a lot actually…


It helps me relax.

I have been writing for an hour since I was about eleven. It’s my NyQuil.


It helps me better understand myself.

Reading through my journal entries I see a person similar but not quite like the person I think I am. Finding this out alone was worth the effort.


It gives more meaning to reading a book.

When you know how hard it is put words together in a meaningful way, you appreciate those that have mastered it.


It’s a useful and practical way of exercising creativity.

All I need to write is a pen and paper, and a chair.


The rush of putting an idea to paper.

As a programmer I love computers, but I cannot let go of the rush of putting an idea to paper.


My readers are other writers, photographers, designers and storytellers.

I wish I could get you all to a bar and spend the night talking all the cool shit everyone does.


I write to inspire myself to live by example.

Every good character’s life is a life lived by example, it’s a lesson I think we should all think about from time to time.


It’s pure unrestricted creation.

A blank page has infinite possibilities.


It feels right.

Why bother explain, it just does.


 I like people.

No two boring people is ever boring the same way. I like to see the ‘character’ in each person. The part of them that could be a hero, a villain, or something new all together.


 I love typography.

Seriously, have you ever looked at the alphabet and thought about how pretty, elegant, and functional it is.


It makes me value my life.

Writing makes me painfully aware that most of life isn’t preserved by words or images or sounds. Writing gives me hope that someone somewhere out there has captured some sliver that we all missed. That is why  I also love writing for the following reasons.


14. Writing is about not being alone.

No one, not one person in your life, walks a second in your shoes. They can imagine just as you can, but every step we take is a choice. We bear the true consequence of those choices alone inside ourselves.

Writing is about remembering, that none of us are truly alone. Two things that every civilization ever discovered had in common were music and language. Two things that ensures that even in the deepest recesses of our minds that we are still reachable.

That none of us ever truly fall out of reach, and that a kind word can travel depths we never thought possible.

It is important that we write because all compassion requires of us is to reach and to believe that someone will reach back.

It is important that we write because having courage merely means to keep trying even when we are overcome with fear.

Writing is about connecting those that feel disconnected.


15. Writing is about being alone.

Some of us are isolated and some of us are ultra connected, and in some place unique to each of us there is the peace of solitude.

The solitude of standing alone beneath the shade of a tree.

The solitude of the late hour or the early morn.

The solitude of emptying your mind and giving yourself permission just to exist without reason or purpose.

There is peace in solitude because solitude gives us the simplicity to feel enough just being ourselves.


So why do you like to write?

Please share in the comments. 


12 thoughts on “Every Reason I Love Writing After 30 Days and 30 Blog Posts

  1. I love the way you write and everything you wrote about writing! Very insightful. I wrote a whole blog post about this actually not too long ago. I write because it is a compulsion. It is a part of me I cannot avoid or ignore. I write because I need to write. I don’t think it’s even a choice anymore 😉

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  2. I love this post! Sometimes we get so caught up in having content ready for the next post, that we forget why we even started writing in the first place. I write because I have a passion for creating content. It relaxes me and I get to know myself better through my writing. I love being connected with people all over the world who shates in this passion. Great work, keep it up! Xx

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    1. 100% this ^ Super Happy Rant TIme:
      I think once you decide to be a blogger the natural instinct is to focus on traffic and judge your content based on that. But honestly I’ve learned so much about myself and how I write that taking time and just writing for the pleasure of getting better at my own pace was amazing and productive 🙂

      Embracing the Mutipotentialite thing definitely helped.


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