Day 28 [Flash Fiction] The Odd Winter

The only thing the dark elves and the faerie elves ever agreed on was what to do with a coward. For a coward the choice was between earth or the dark elves' way. The first meant to be buried alive in a grave with worms that burrowed and savored their meals as their secretions triggered … Continue reading Day 28 [Flash Fiction] The Odd Winter

Day 24 [Reflection]: Immersive Plot Events

Giving myself a week to plan chapter and writing it in a day has been a runaway success in terms of progress but not quality. The priority is still to get the first draft written, so productivity is still the goal. With that being said I also don't want to end up having to edit a complete … Continue reading Day 24 [Reflection]: Immersive Plot Events

Day 23 [Novel Progress] Chapter Three Completed

6 Hours of Overtime Lunch With Parents Two hours of Writing I am going to go have a much needed drink. I honestly feel really good. This is the third consecutive week I've finished a chapter. It ain't pretty and it's not good, but it's capturing what makes my story unique and different. So that's … Continue reading Day 23 [Novel Progress] Chapter Three Completed

Day 18 [Novel Progress]: Reflecting on The Second Chapter

This is the second week I've successfully finished writing a chapter. It's not my best writing but it is functional. I've noticed that when I write with plot in mind I tend to write quickly, but with characters I am slow. Instead of fighting it I have decided to embrace it. Right now it's about … Continue reading Day 18 [Novel Progress]: Reflecting on The Second Chapter

Day 11 : First Chapter completed

Today was a marathon and a triage scenario combined. It took most of the day to finish the first chapter. Not the worst writing I've done but also not the most eloquent. It's lean and functional. It was also magical. I met a fellow writer. I smoked cigarettes, paced, and wrote line after line all … Continue reading Day 11 : First Chapter completed

[Day 9][Weird Fitness]: Training Like My Protagonist

This morning was a dream come true. I actually woke up before my alarm went off at 5 AM. Granted I didn't spring in to action but lying in my warm and comfortable bed and reading was pretty awesome. Especially after the whirlwind that was yesterday, but at least it was a fun whirlwind. Which … Continue reading [Day 9][Weird Fitness]: Training Like My Protagonist

New Man, New Reason, Same Blog

I guess you could say that I am a sucker for a good transformation story. My name is Khan [con], I am a writer, designer and programmer. This blog started as a way for me to connect with others who were participating in NanoWrimo and passionate about stories. But With the support of awesome people … Continue reading New Man, New Reason, Same Blog

Freewrite #2: Towards The Last Chance

This is a fictional work and a free writing exercise. The Prompt used: Streetlight Manifesto-- "A moment of Silence" I remembered the words the way I remember every bad thing I had ever done. By their result. A song playing somewhere in the past, predicting my moves right up until the point of no return--the price included. There were … Continue reading Freewrite #2: Towards The Last Chance

The Versatile Blogger Nomination

Thank you Atul for nominating for the Versatile Blogger Award. This blog has been an outlet for my long time interest in storytelling, publishing, and writing in general, and it is the support of bloggers such as yourself that makes me look forward to creating new content. My hope is to some day soon to become … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Nomination