8 Benefits of Finding Your Tribe And How to Do It

8 benefits of finding your tribe and how to do it

Modern tribes can be family, friends, members of political, coworkers, and even sports fans.

A fact that hasn’t escaped the likes of legendary marketer Seth Godin who provides a succinct definition of a tribe.

  1. A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.
  2. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.
  3. Tribes need leadership. Sometimes one person leads, sometimes more. People want connection and growth and something new. They want change.

Now that we know what a Tribe is. Let’s dig into the benefits they bring and how you can find the right tribe for you.

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A Good Tribe Can Help Prevent Anxiety and Depression

Having a tribe helps keep you from becoming isolated when you are depressed, stressed or feeling extreme levels of anxiety. We are a species of social creatures whether we like it or not. Which is why social activities are often times a remarkable antidepressant by themselves.

What To Look For In a Tribe: An understanding of the value of good mental health and a willingness to discuss and practice it.

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A Good Tribe Helps You Be Confident

Being an accepted member of a group is a powerful confidence boost. Having a group of people that you are comfortable around gives you the opportunity to practice social skills and even learn through emulation. Furthermore, our tribes can offer us validation and provide affirmation of good qualities.

What To Look For In a Tribe: Encouraging and celebrating the success of its members.

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A Good Tribe Makes You Less Afraid of Taking Risks

One of the biggest reasons people don’t take risks is because they are afraid of being embarrassed in front of their tribe (friends, family, co-workers and etc). The best way of getting over this fear of failure is to have a tribe that you can trust to pick you up when you fall down. Better yet is to have a tribe that encourages you to try again.

What To Look For in a Tribe: Growth mindset.

A Good Tribe Gives You Feedback

It’s difficult if not impossible to improve at anything without constructive feedback. Good feedback allows us to pinpoint areas of improvement while great feedback, allow us to learn from the mistakes of others. Both can be gained from finding a tribe that values learning, improving and being helpful.

What to Look For in a Tribe: A culture of mentoring.

A Good Tribe Helps You Meet People

A key characteristic of a tribe is who is in it and who isn’t, and the reason why. A tribe that has an openminded and inclusive culture brings new ideas and new opportunities in the form of new members. Done right this creates an equilibrium between familiarity and evolution within the tribe.

What To Look For in A Tribe: An open-minded and inclusive culture

A Good Tribe Helps You Develop Sympathy

It’s easy to be sympathetic towards people who are familiar and loyal to you. Being a part of a diverse and inclusive tribe allows us the chance to find common ground with people different from us. This sympathy, as a bonus, gives the tribe the benefit of being able to retain and grow its membership. This is essential to the survival of the tribe as the departure of some members will always be unavoidable.

What To Look For in A Tribe: Empathy towards its members.

A Good Tribe Helps You Be More Adventurous

From hunting mammoths to exploring the depths of the ocean, some of the greatest adventures in human history have been tackled by small groups of people united by a common purpose and cooperation. The sense of unity that comes from being a part of a tribe is a tremendous antidote to the fear of the unknown. Which makes them an amazing support system for artists, entrepreneurs, and modern day explorers.

What To Look For in A Tribe: Strong desire and willingness to travel and try new things.

The hard truth is not all of us are born in to or start out in the tribe that is right for us. In fact, sometimes tribes can have an outright detrimental effect on our mental health and enable bad habits. Which is why it is important to remember that we are always capable of leaving our tribe for the sake of bettering ourselves.

For more information on the way the tribes we inhabit can harm us and how to avoid it check out the next part of this guide.

6 thoughts on “8 Benefits of Finding Your Tribe And How to Do It

  1. My best friend and I were just talking about this! As we’ve gotten older it’s become harder to find friends and have that group or tribes we were so used to. We live in different cities so it’s hard to say let’s go together and meet people. I 100% agree in the importance of having that group there.

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    1. I’ve experienced that. As people get busier and their priorities change our tribes tend to get smaller. That is unless we stay active about meeting people and being inclusive. I’m struggling with that right now. Nice to hear that I’m not alone.


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