[Blog Update] Chapter 5 And 6 Complete

This morning I finished the sixth chapter of my book. With a combination of work, business, my brother's wedding, and my own anxiety I haven't felt like writing. Turns out all I had to do was get sick for my inspiration to come back. It also brought me to the realization that I like parts … Continue reading [Blog Update] Chapter 5 And 6 Complete

[Announcement] I’m No Longer Doing Blogtober

I realized today that I am backsliding again. Hi, I'm Khan Shadid and I push my luck until I end up crashing into a wall. When I blogged for thirty days straight LAST MONTH it was prove to myself that I was committed to blogging. I believe I have done that. My focus now is … Continue reading [Announcement] I’m No Longer Doing Blogtober

[Blogtober] [Photography]- “The Fate of All Young Men”

A month ago I visited some friends in Sacramento and visited the Crocker Art Museum with a friend of mine. We had been friends a long while but over the last few years we had both become occupied by our lives. Him with starting a family and me, returning to school. We reconnected once we … Continue reading [Blogtober] [Photography]- “The Fate of All Young Men”