[Day 9][Weird Fitness]: Training Like My Protagonist

This morning was a dream come true. I actually woke up before my alarm went off at 5 AM. Granted I didn't spring in to action but lying in my warm and comfortable bed and reading was pretty awesome. Especially after the whirlwind that was yesterday, but at least it was a fun whirlwind. Which … Continue reading [Day 9][Weird Fitness]: Training Like My Protagonist

[Day 8][Reflection]: So Dumb That It Makes Me Smile

Tonight was nuts so I didn't get to finish my fitness post. So Today's check in will be a simple acknowledgement that sometimes life happens and shit just doesn't get done ūüôā Let's begin. These are the promises I kept to myself: Exercise at home¬† Write a Fitness Post¬† Program for at least an hour … Continue reading [Day 8][Reflection]: So Dumb That It Makes Me Smile

[Day 7][Reflection]: Simplify Simplify

There is something magical about beginnings and the first day of things. The optimism of what you will accomplish, untarnished by the wear and tear of doing the work necessary day after day. I had high expectations of myself but, when you haven't been writing consistently for a long time it's kind of tiring to … Continue reading [Day 7][Reflection]: Simplify Simplify

[Day 6][Photography]: “Fire Breather”

  I took this at an event called Alleywave in Fresno, CA. The fire breather was accompanied by a fire dancer and were putting on a really good show--so I moved in. Giving them a respectable and safe amount of space I did my best to capture all the leaps and spins. Not the easiest … Continue reading [Day 6][Photography]: “Fire Breather”

[Day 5][Step-by-Step]: What do you Do About a Change That You Desire but Can’t Commit to?

I've figured it out! I don't know about god, but the brain certainly works in mysterious ways when it comes to revelations. I had mine at 4 AM after a¬†night of photography, drinks, dancing, and birthday celebrations. Last night I volunteered to take pictures at my friend's Birthday party. It was¬† quite the affair and … Continue reading [Day 5][Step-by-Step]: What do you Do About a Change That You Desire but Can’t Commit to?

[Day 4][ART]: “The Bridge We Share”

Today's entry is the cover art for an open letter to my first-love, because¬†The misery of the first two days finally paid off. Both My creativity and productivity went up significantly after I made an adjustment to my routine. If you've been following along you might have noticed it. If you haven't, don't fret, I'll … Continue reading [Day 4][ART]: “The Bridge We Share”

[Day 3][First Poem]: “A Wealth Of Time”

A clock is no one neither slave nor master it is a number line that is ever marching Towards the passage of time Time, the only wealth we have to love, to cherish, to waste, to long for It's value¬† bows neither gold nor spirit Not to the outrage of mice,¬†Not to the speculation of … Continue reading [Day 3][First Poem]: “A Wealth Of Time”

[Day 2]: “Tired, anxious but not really ashamed. “

Everything was good until last night when I got hung up writing my last post¬†(oh the irony). That triggered a chain reaction that ended with me staying up and working past 11pm. In fact then I went to bed half past midnight. Tired, anxious but not really ashamed--because I got a ton of things done. … Continue reading [Day 2]: “Tired, anxious but not really ashamed. “

[Day 1]: “Optimism and Positivity Can be F***ing Toxic”

I know there's a billion articles that evangelize self-care, positive thinking, and optimism, but to be honest--optimism and being positive can be F***ing Toxic sometimes. In the beginning of building any new habit or developing a process the biggest concern are temptations--which do exactly what you would expect. But after temptations are conquered there comes … Continue reading [Day 1]: “Optimism and Positivity Can be F***ing Toxic”

[Day 0]: “Everything here feels like it should’ve been gotten rid of yesterday.”

Today was supposed to be "Day 1" of a brand new daily routine but like so many others, the change I'm looking for it seems is going to begin with disappointment. Not the "didn't get that salary bump" sort of disappointment. More like realizing how many times you will have to hear an alarm clock … Continue reading [Day 0]: “Everything here feels like it should’ve been gotten rid of yesterday.”

Jack Johnson in Purgatory

Everything was drowning in something and everyone, swimming towards the same shore. Alcohol flowed from silver taps and went into glasses with names like ales, porters and stouts. Cigarette smoke and vapors rose above the patio as inelegant clouds, leaving beneath them the smell of burning tobacco laced with the stench of searing fruits. Boredom … Continue reading Jack Johnson in Purgatory

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

To me, holding a camera feels like searching for a reminder of those real and metaphysical places that you pass by like a passenger. Because it's not nylon that holds the camera to my body, it's nostalgia. It's that sweet pain that comes before the shutter closes on a flooded river, and reminds you of a place eight thousand two hundred and fourteen miles away.