Ditching Google For Real World Creatve Inspiration

What do you do when you need inspiration for a new project?

If you’re like me, than you’ve probably typed in the following at some point.

“design inspiration”

“webdesign inspiration”

“graphic design inspiration”

After 20 minutes or so of this your browser probably looks a lot like this:


As much as we all love the convenience of this process, it’s important to not see it as the only source of inspiration.

As I mentioned in my previous post, creative works thrives in the remix culture. A culture where an existing work is re-imagined as something brand new. The result elevates the source material while allowing the new material to stand on its own merits. The best example of this, in my opinion, is a cover song.

There’s countless examples of it in technology. Especially if you are looking for font-end design inspiration or website design inspiration. For starters, web design is based heavily on the principles of graphic design. Frankly it’s true for Front-end design period. Yet graphic design at times draws from Front-end design.

But the trouble with the remix culture is that it is incestuous. From fan-fiction to sound cloud remixes everything is sampled, mixed in, and combined eventually.

New inspiration keeps our idea pool fresh and diverse. Considering the pace of technology and the evolution of tastes and utility–fresh and diverse is good.

So I took a break from my digital life and went exploring. Lucky for me the first Thursday of the month is Art Hop. It’s Fresno’s way of showing appreciation for artists with the down town overflowing with everything from artists promoting their work on the street, galleries, food trucks, music and alcohol.

We may not be the part of California that everyone knows about, but…

Damn It Fresno LOVES Its Artists!

Tonight was a reminder of how much Art Hop motivated me as a artist, and how it continues to motivate the next generation of Fresno artists.

It was a source of inspiration that Google could not have possibly brought me. It doesn’t fall under “web design inspiration” or “graphic design inspiration”. It is simply the act of losing yourself to an idea.


That once you did not know how to proceed but tried anyway…


that even when the right thing to do wasn’t clear…


and it didn’t feel like you could keep going…


there was a whole city supporting you…


telling you to not give up hope…


and to believe in what you’re doing deeply and passionately…


so that you may stand up and fight for it…


but remember that inspiration doesn’t have to be miraculous…


and it usually takes the form of the people we meet.


The End

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