[Coming Up] Growing, Hustling, And Coding

After 30 days of writing every day I’ve gone three days without it.

It already feels like the structure to make time for it is slipping. These last three days have also given me time to look over thirty days of public journal entries. As much as I might like to deny it, the portrait it paints a very clear picture of qualities and habits that I was not fully aware of. The challenge/experiment was in my opinion a big success, and I am keeping up with most of the habits I’ve developed. Primarily.

  • Exercising Like My Character
  • Going To Bed by 11 PM.
  • Journaling

In fact I started keeping a bullet journal.

For me it is the elegant solution that I wanted journaling to be. One of my recent goals is to practice my personal values in daily life. A bullet journal proved to be the perfect option for both tracking progress and for giving myself a chance to make sure I am the person I want to be the next day.

It is just journal though not a genie. It doesn’t magically solve issues. But it does provide an excellent opportunity to study your decision making, and prioritize your goals. Speaking of which here comes October!


#BLOGTOBER 30 Days and 30 Posts

I will be participating in blogtober. These last thirty days have taught me that I need to write a lot more to be able to create content that I feel is worth pushing.  I want this blog to always put the things that matter first.

You, the reader, and the value that you get from my content. If you are my ideal reader that would be: the encouragement to start small but be persistent, to invest in your self-esteem, creativity and health. And most of all–to be brave.

For that reason, this October, I will be writing and creating content focused on completing large scale creative projects and reaching the midpoint of finishing the first draft of my novel.


I have been working on WordPress Themes for self-hosted sites for a long time but I’ve never submitted a theme to WordPress.org. That all ends this month.

I will be designing a WordPress theme and added support that helps creatives publish and monetize their work.

It’s a tall order. But I feel energized and more prepared than ever to take on this next month. It won’t be easy considering my brother’s wedding is this month, but hey what’s life without a little chaos. pexels-photo-265267

It’s been a helluva Journey so far, follow along if you want to see where it leads.

Follow Notes & Drafts on WordPress.com

I Will be creating a new playlist soon but today’s addition is: Rezz- “Edge”

2 thoughts on “[Coming Up] Growing, Hustling, And Coding

  1. Well done on doing so well with your journal. This is actially something I’ve been wanting to start doing, but I’m really struggling to find the time for it. You’ve motivated me to actually start enforcing this in my daily life in October! Good luck with your October goals, I’ll be rooting for you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Also you’re in luck one of my posts in October is about what helped me get started that I think is repeatable. Good luck on the military diet! I’ll be looking for your post Monday 😉


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