Day 28 [Flash Fiction] The Odd Winter

The only thing the dark elves and the faerie elves ever agreed on was what to do with a coward. For a coward the choice was between earth or the dark elves' way. The first meant to be buried alive in a grave with worms that burrowed and savored their meals as their secretions triggered … Continue reading Day 28 [Flash Fiction] The Odd Winter

Jack Johnson in Purgatory

Everything was drowning in something and everyone, swimming towards the same shore. Alcohol flowed from silver taps and went into glasses with names like ales, porters and stouts. Cigarette smoke and vapors rose above the patio as inelegant clouds, leaving beneath them the smell of burning tobacco laced with the stench of searing fruits. Boredom … Continue reading Jack Johnson in Purgatory

04. Code of Desperation

For once Luna didn't interrupt as I finished telling her what had happened. She didn't move at all except when I mentioned standing up for Samantha. Her lips pulled back into a cold smirk and the pride in her eyes flashed like a cobra's tongue. It was also a show of toughness that I didn't need. Not as along as … Continue reading 04. Code of Desperation

Freewrite #2: Towards The Last Chance

This is a fictional work and a free writing exercise. The Prompt used: Streetlight Manifesto-- "A moment of Silence" I remembered the words the way I remember every bad thing I had ever done. By their result. A song playing somewhere in the past, predicting my moves right up until the point of no return--the price included. There were … Continue reading Freewrite #2: Towards The Last Chance