[Announcement] I’m No Longer Doing Blogtober

I realized today that I am backsliding again. Hi, I'm Khan Shadid and I push my luck until I end up crashing into a wall. When I blogged for thirty days straight LAST MONTH it was prove to myself that I was committed to blogging. I believe I have done that. My focus now is … Continue reading [Announcement] I’m No Longer Doing Blogtober

[Blogtober] [Photography]- “The Fate of All Young Men”

A month ago I visited some friends in Sacramento and visited the Crocker Art Museum with a friend of mine. We had been friends a long while but over the last few years we had both become occupied by our lives. Him with starting a family and me, returning to school. We reconnected once we … Continue reading [Blogtober] [Photography]- “The Fate of All Young Men”

Single Subject Blog Ideas and Tips for #Blogtober

You mean you just heard of #Blogtober? Here's the break down. Blogtober is a writing/blogging challenge where you create and share new content every day for the 31 days (the Month of October). Though you can promote your blog however way you wish or currently do, I recommend using this opportunity to connect with other … Continue reading Single Subject Blog Ideas and Tips for #Blogtober