WP Game: Photos That Inspired You to be a Photographer

Last night, while going through my archive of unshared photographs I stumbled across some of my work from around 2010. Back then the only camera I had messed around with was a point-and-shoot Olympus, and occasionally a friend’s DSLR, but the process of taking and editing those pictures had a profound impact on me.

My first love when it comes to the visual arts was cinematography. As an aspiring fiction writer, it served as my first lesson in visualizing a scene. Which is probably why my early ventures into photography were heavily centered on setting a mood and telling a story.

In a way, they were ‘visual flash fiction’.

Which is I thought it would be fun to see the photos that made others want to be photographers. Starting with my followers.

How to Participate

  • Write A Post– This should include the photos that made you want to be a photographer. (If the photos are not yours then please attribute)
  • Invite Others– At the bottom of your post Add links to other photographers on WordPress who you admire.
  • Copy And Paste These Instructions– Be sure to include these instructions in your post so that others can participate.
  • Add A Link To This Post (Optional)– I’ll be keeping a list of everyone participating, and I’d love to see their work. So this would really help me out 🙂
  • If You Haven’t Been Invited- No sweat! Everyone is welcome to participate. Just follow the instructions above.
  • BONUS: Share your post on Twitter with the Hashtag #ReasonImAPhotographer

So Let’s Begin. Here are the photographs that deeply influenced me to be a photographer.

“Blinding Revelations” (Taken in 2008)

“Blinding Revelations” – Taken in 2008

This scene was put together using a doll I bought at a thrift store and a lamp. Shot using our family point-and-shoot Olympus this is a picture that has a special place in my heart.

“Haunted Marsh” (Taken in 2009)

This was taken using my friend’s Mark 3 at a place in Fresno called Lost Lake. Some of my favorite memories are crawling through the strange wilderness with my friend Michael Behlen and taking pictures. This one was very much inspired by horror movies and the color tones used in the movie ‘Pitch Black’.

“Dark Gaze” (2010)


This was also taken using my friend Michael’s Mark 3 and reflects my continuing fascination with Film Noir. It’s not my best but it’s a favorite.

This is Michael. A generous friend who fostered my love of Photography by letting me use his camera. He also taught me a great deal about taking and editing pictures. He’s one of my favorite humans. He also took the only picture of myself that I truly liked.

The Only Picture of myself that I like (2010)

I tend to avoid cameras the way an escaped convict does. This, I suppose, comes from the fact that as a child the left side of my face was burned.

This portrait was taken after my friend Michael badgered me into it. To this day it is the few pictures of myself that I genuinely like. This might sound narcissistic but the self-esteem boost I got from this picture really showed me how portraits can affect a person’s self-image.

It showed me that a single picture can have a lasting impact on a person’s psyche and self-esteem. That an image can heal.

I am Inviting the Following Bloggers to Participate in This Game


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