Can A Vision Board Make You Toxic?

It was like the moment I created it my life became defined by what it wasn’t and what I wasn’t doing enough.

I want to begin by saying I don’t doubt that there are people who benefit from vision boards and have had great success with them. However, I don’t think they should be the go to way of creating a vision.

Even if the word ‘vision’ happens to be right in the name.

I may have been over ambitious but it was as if the moment I created the board my life became defined by what it wasn’t and what I wasn’t doing enough of. In time I realized this was happening because of my unrealistically high my expectations.

To be fair though, I personally think slightly unrealistic expectations are more motivating to pursue. But that’s besides the point.

My issue with vision boards is how easily they reinforce unrealistic expectations. It’s so easy to condition yourself to think that you can only feel good about yourself if you hit some standard for health, beauty, success and even relationships. After all, at the end of the day a vision board is an advertisement for your will and determination.

Which is why, I also don’t think of them as a complete waste of time. I do, however, think it is important that you:

  • Give yourself permission to fail and not pressure yourself to be perfect
  • Express gratitude everyday
  • Encourage yourself to keep taking small steps
  • Remind yourself that the journey is what makes you worthy of the reward

The more I thought about it the more I realized what was missing from my vision board (besides realistic expectations).

Introducing the Struggle Board

It’s similar to the vision board but it focuses on the areas where you have unrealistic expectations, where you are hypercritical of yourself and where you feel shame. It’s also a place to have some fun with these parts of ourselves.

A big board of optimistic images, affirmations and goals provides excellent cover for things that eat away at our self-esteem and mindset.

Now imagine a board, inspired by memes and Tumblr, that reminds you daily that you are more likely to succeed with small daily steps than you are through leaps. It’s about buildings streaks of confidence, efficacy, and growth.

If you don’t want to imagine you can just take a look at my brand new struggle board.

My 2019 Struggle Board

A vision is so often the north star of companies and individuals around the world. They help us believe in our future success. They gives us a chance to be defined by what we work for, and a chance to reflect on our goals.

But a vision is also unrealistic expectations for your body, it’s also how we think a man or woman should be, and it’s our proposal for how things can or should be.

However, by making room in your vision for struggles you are committing an act of kindness to yourself. By acknowledging what makes you feel shame or insecure you take away their ability to hurt you or make you feel sorry for yourself.

If you want to take away just one thing from this post let it be this final line:

You cannon accept yourself without first accepting what you struggle with and what you are willing to struggle for.

10 thoughts on “Can A Vision Board Make You Toxic?

      1. I personally don’t see the point in vision boards. My personal opinion. Respect those who do, as they say, ‘to each his own.’
        Thanks for the memes – love a good meme, those at the end had me laughing out loud! 😆🙌🏽 The gym one – classic! I’ve had that very same thought too!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A friend pointed out to me that as a VERY visual person they may not be as helpful for me as they are for her (she’s very much not a visual person lol). But as you said ‘to each his own’. I’m glad you liked the memes they were actually a lot of fun to put together. I love Jim Gaffigan, that one is one of my favorites jokes of his 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. He is! I have a ton of things saved on DVR to watch ‘later’ – so I know the feeling. 😳😌
        However, I actually had a few minutes today to sit down for a minute after putting my little ones to nap, and saw a bit of his special. Then I kept it on in the background. It’s good!


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