Day 26[Reflection] Finding Peace in Stoicism

  1. Negativity is like smoking. They are both addicting and they both slowly, but surely, kills those that indulge them.


2. It may be classified more as religious philosophy than stoic, but I honestly think it makes little difference. It’s a philosophy that I think people of any philosophy or religious (or lack of) affiliation can embrace. Don’t think so? Just compare it with a bit of wisdom from Marcus Aurelius



3.  This is what the last month has all been about for me. We don’t chose the moment that an opportunity arises we can only prepare for it. Simple good advice.


4. One of the best decisions I’ve made this year was to write down and memorize my personal values. They by themselves have provided more clarity and motivation than anything I’ve attempted in the last few years. Just knowing exactly what I am striving for helps me try a little harder. Sometimes it’s enough, someday it’s not


5. Courage requires an understanding that fear hurts more than pain. Pain is restricted to the body, while fear lives in the imagination which is limitless.


6. This is what I am working towards. It’s as elusive to me as it is for any others, but every day I get a little closer so I keep trying…


7. …because when we don’t try we make things harder for ourselves.

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