Day 20 [Reflection]: Sinking Below Good Enough

Between one and ten, with ten being unbearably painful, how much does it hurt to be a writer?

Today, it was about a six. Enough to grit my teeth and maybe entertain giving up but no where close to being ready to do it. Enough to put a damper on my day without totally ruining it.

The reason? I didn’t get very many likes on the last two posts and for some reason that made me really tired. Not upset or even sad, but just…tired. After 18 days of writing every day and doing more creative projects, you know when you have sank below the already low mark of  “good enough”.

Somewhere within the labyrinth of thoughts that followed I thought of someone I knew in high school is a pretty successful writer. I haven’t read her works but knowing her I’m sure they are pretty good. However, something I really enjoy is the rapport she has with her followers.

It’s friendly. It’s personal. When I read it I hear her voice as I last heard it. She seems authentic and likewise so does the rapport. Her followers sound like people who deeply love and support the stories one of their friends have writing. It’s a relationship worth envying (on the surface anyway).

Not wanting to go down that rabbit hole, I went into a different one. I started googling “how to create great blog posts”. Admit it, you’ve done this. We have all done this! And rightfully so. To be a writer who doesn’t want their work to be read–is to be a wrestler who doesn’t want to break a sweat.

After binge reading marketing and blog articles for a while, I eventually came to an epiphany and changed course. I started reading my own posts. From the very first post to the very last one. Then I understood.

Every post that didn’t do so well had one thing in common. I was tired. Nice thing about journal entries is that it makes it easy to figure where you went wrong. The correlation between my personal fatigue and the content was unquestionable.

Where my more popular felt easy to write and seem to lessen my stress, the others did the opposite. Types of content definitely played a factor but what interested me the most was that I knew I could trust this observation.

When  I decided I was going to journal for 30 days I knew the focus could not be about subscribers. It had to be about me writing everyday and understanding how to be as productive as I could be.

All in all today took an interesting turn. And a good day for me to reflect on the best writing advice that I ever recieved:

“Write what you’d want to read”.

It seems like forgotten advice these days, but the wisdom is still sound. It could, in my opinion, use an addendum however.

“Write what you’d want to read–and take care of yourself.”

Today’s addition to the Morning Block Playlist is: Band Of Horses- “No One’s Gonna Love you “(Stockholm Version)

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7 thoughts on “Day 20 [Reflection]: Sinking Below Good Enough

  1. I also did a similar reflection one day. I found out that my best performing blog posts are the ones that told a story. Storytelling is such a vital part of content marketing, it made sense. Thank you for reminding me that I need to re-focus on the storytelling aspect of my blogging endeavors.

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      1. I like that. I have a feeling that the Blogtober challenge is going to show off some of my bad days 🤗 no matter what, every day we have to write! Ahh!! 🤪

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like that. I have a feeling that the Blogtober challenge is going to show off some of my bad days 🤗 no matter what, every day we have to write! Ahh!! 🤪


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