Day 19 [Novel Progress]: Value Matters More Than Word Count Right?

I’m tired of ‘funny’ comments in writing communities about struggling with writing enough. Sure I believe in writer’s block to a point, but something about this progress driven mentality is not sitting well with me.

Yes I believe sitting down and writing something, anything at all, has helped make writing a priority. But what’s helped the most is about creating value.

Value to me is an important word. Value can be personal, financial, creative, and yet very real.

When you buy a drink at a bar you don’t just pay for the alcohol. You pay for the whole experience from the glass, to the alcohol used, to the waitress that brought it and even the lighting in the room.

Value is created based on what, who, and where but it always evokes an affirmation. That we’ve attained something, even if only in our own mind.

In the spirit of that this is the value my novel is providing thus far.

  • The excitement of being dropped into the middle of the action.
  • Being amused by the strange rituals of two strangers becoming family.
  • The chance to imagine a backpack that is a gel. (I’m obsessed with this idea.)
  • Discovering main characters that are feared and hated by a large group of people.
  • Intrigued (hopefully) by the tolls that psychic and telekinetic abilities take.

It’s been an interesting day and I got a lot done.  Going to bed late, but at least I’m satisfied.




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