Day 18 [Novel Progress]: Reflecting on The Second Chapter

This is the second week I’ve successfully finished writing a chapter. It’s not my best writing but it is functional. I’ve noticed that when I write with plot in mind I tend to write quickly, but with characters I am slow.

Instead of fighting it I have decided to embrace it. Right now it’s about getting it done. The second draft will be more focused on the story of the characters. Still, there are always occasions where a plot point is unequivocally tied to a character.

This is where I find myself with my main characters and siblings Jonah and Nora Veranite.

My plot points that are rooted in character development are following.

  • Jonah (Age 14)
    • Has spent at least eight years in the VR being trained to be saboteur, a survivalist, and a commando.
    • He has telekinesis and has been specifically trained to seek out and eliminate Psyonics.
    • He wants to protect his sister but also knows she is dangerous.
    • He dislikes killing and feels guilty for those that were experimented on to perfect his augments and implants.
    •  His implants are designed to slowly turn him into the person he has been modeled after. This is accelerated by their use.
    • He is desperate to know more about the person he is becoming.
  • Nora (Age 10)
    • Nora is a Psyonic and as such can hear surface level thoughts and feel the emotions of others. She can relay thoughts and emotions between people and even plant new ones.
    • She is smarter than Jonah although less experienced.
    • She knows a part of Jonah thinks of her as a monster.

It’s been interesting using younger protagonists. I am really hopeful that I can capture their growth adequately and with empathy. As the youngest of two brothers, the sibling relationship is one that I value greatly. It also provides an interesting opportunity to blend fact and fiction.

As I was writing the first chapter, I drew on the experience of being ten and becoming friends with my brother’s older friends. It’s important for me to capture Norah’s awe of her brother while seeing his flaws, just as it is important for me to capture the role of Jonah as the parent as well as a kid.

At it’s core this story about brothers and sisters building a life out of the situation they have been placed in. This means not only growing up and taking on responsibilities, it also means getting into epic battles and adventures and creating a surrogate family of friends.

I am really happy today.

It wasn’t the greatest day, but at the end of it I was glad for it.

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