Day 16[Reflection] Finished A Short Story


Today I felt something I don’t know the word for. I had felt it before and lingered on it for the same reason each time. This was however the final time. I am simply tired of this feeling, just because it’s toward someone I care deeply about.

To begin I found the word I was looking for. It was ‘lament’ which means–“a passionate expression of grief or sorrow”.

It’s sometimes easy to forget there is passion in both grief and sorrow. That realizing the fruitlessness of possibility can evoke a passion for its loss.

I am lamenting a love I cannot have and I would very much like to stop.

I wrote the first part of this story as sort of a tombstone for this feeling. A strange and hopefully sweet tale of two lovers and adventurers. It will be published in parts on either on this blog or on Wattpad. I’m not sure yet.

These are the promises I kept to myself: 

  1. Exercises (100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 body squats)
  2. Write a blog post
  3. Program for at least an hour a night.

Total Kept: 19





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