Day 14 [Reflection] Just Plain Tired

I didn’t sleep well last night, and as expected my mind’s been all over the place. Distracted, a drift and childish. The spiritual hangover for a manic weekend full of friends, fun, and creative inspiration. It was worth it I think, but it gave me some time to think.

When I think of fiction, I think of something with a plot. A series of events that have at least somewhat of a cause and effect relationship with each other. I also think of something that has a story. The physical and emotional transformation of one or more characters over the course of a plot.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think that life is not so different. But lately the plot of my life is moving quicker than my story. As grateful as I am of the opportunities that are emerging there are moments where I truly don’t feel ready.

Today was long and tiring. I feel anxious because I’m doing too much, and I feel anxious I’m not doing enough.

These are the promises I kept to myself: 0

Total Kept: 12

The Promises I will keep tomorrow are:

  1. Morning Exercises (100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 body squats)
  2. Program for at least an hour a night.
  3. Apply for at least One Job.

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