[Day 9][Weird Fitness]: Training Like My Protagonist

This morning was a dream come true. I actually woke up before my alarm went off at 5 AM. Granted I didn’t spring in to action but lying in my warm and comfortable bed and reading was pretty awesome. Especially after the whirlwind that was yesterday, but at least it was a fun whirlwind.

Which is why I have been revaluating (doing a lot of that lately) my health and fitness goals. When I look at my fitness plan I feel the same way I did when I looked at my habit tracker for the first time–stressed out and busy. I see a plan of sorts (at least a strategy) but I don’t see the things that make me happy, which makes it feel like a job.

That, in turn, makes being me feel like a job. So to once again borrow from Thoreau and get real real simple.

My (Revised) Fitness Goals

  • Be lighter and more coordinated on my feet.
  • Give Jonah from “Pray For Armistice” the same morning exercise routine as me and use the experience to give more depth to his character. Do this until you finish the book.
  • Make a noteworthy physical before and after transformation.
  • Eliminate existing bad habits.

List A. What I can Do Routinely 

  • Do Jonah’s Morning Exercises (100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 body squats)
  • Jump rope for 15 minutes after work.
  • Reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke daily every week.
  • Take a daily progress pictures and date it(not for sharing)

List B. What I can Do A Week

  • Run Two miles
  • Go To the gym Three times
  • Do jump squats and jump lunges on leg days.
  • Practice Kickboxing 2-3 times a week.

Since I am calling my new fitness plan “Weird Fitness”, let’s go ahead and get weird.

These are the promises I kept to myself:

  1. Exercise at home every morning to have more energy in the morning
  2. Write a Fitness Post
  3. Program for at least an hour a night.
  4. Apply for at least One Job.

Total Kept: 10

The Promises I will keep tomorrow are:

  1. Do Jonah’s Morning Exercises (100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 body squats)
  2. Program for at least an hour a night.
  3. Apply for at least One Job.


The song that best captures how I feel right now came to me on the drive home for work. It’s “We Are The Tide” by Blind Pilot. I cannot express how much I love this band. This song captures the spirit of what I want to accomplish and experience right down to the last detail.

So definitely give it a listen.

“We Are The Tide”

Blind Pilot

Our time is ever on the road, the ride is in what we make.
I walked a year to hear a howl in this give and take.
But hear it this way- Hear it this way.

And war is in our hearts and blood is in the land we love.
We keep breaking our backs, hoping that it gives enough.
But what do you need?  What do you need?

Oh man, it’s ladders to the sky, building up a high-rise.
Oh man, we won’t last long but we’re giving it our best try.
Don’t you know you’re alive? You know you’re alive.
And none of us stay the day we’re born ’till when we-

And tonight I’m in love with everybody on the city bus.
I feel the push and pull, keep saying that it doesn’t mean much.
But what do you see?  What do you see?

And everybody on the street is singing like it’s Sunday,
But we keep inside and our looks stay at bay.

And we don’t know what left but we feel it’s coming back soon.
And so we’re standing in the street staring at a blood-red moon.
Well, we are the tide.  We are the tide,
And none of us stay the day we’re born ’till when we-

courtesy of: http://www.blindpilot.com/we-are-the-tide-lyrics-1/


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