[Day 6][Photography]: “Fire Breather”



I took this at an event called Alleywave in Fresno, CA. The fire breather was accompanied by a fire dancer and were putting on a really good show–so I moved in. Giving them a respectable and safe amount of space I did my best to capture all the leaps and spins.

Not the easiest thing to do when someone is flaying around a very bright light source. This one and a handful of others made it all worth it. Definitely glad I picked up photography again. I am still amazed by how a picture can make a memory feel so permanent.



I didn’t wake up at five am today because I didn’t fall asleep when I should have. Work proved to be fairly stressful as well but all in all not a bad day. After six days of this experiment I have learned a few things for certain.

My morning has a tremendous impact on my day. Even more so when I work out.

The amount of sleep I get has a tremendous impact on my day.

Neither is a surprise to me but at least I have the numbers to back me up.


Today’s addition to the play list is— sWum – “スモーク”

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