[Day 1]: “Optimism and Positivity Can be F***ing Toxic”

I know there’s a billion articles that evangelize self-care, positive thinking, and optimism, but to be honest–optimism and being positive can be F***ing Toxic sometimes.

In the beginning of building any new habit or developing a process the biggest concern are temptations–which do exactly what you would expect. But after temptations are conquered there comes the afterglow of triumph. A false sense of security that blinds you to neglect with a sense of comfort.

Which is why I don’t think the mind is supposed to be some post-negativity Disneyland.

To be clear I’m not saying you have to punish yourself for being human and genuinely slipping from time to time, but it is important to note that a habit can not be a destination.

That labels such as ‘creative’, ‘in shape’, and ‘comfortable’ respectively describe those that practice and apply their creative skills, those who follow a diet and exercise regiment, and finally those who maintain a life that suits them.

There are no destinations only journeys. Every journey, just like everything we do, is a bit uncomfortable but ultimately there are no ends to what we can achieve–only new frontiers.

I’m proud that I met most of my goals today. I am prouder still of not having a destination, but the journey of being someone who appreciates the adventure of living, the people and the chance to be something incredible in the short time we have to live.

So let’s begin.


The fact that I am doing well lures me into a false sense of security. It makes me let my guard down and basically get seduced by distractions.


I can remind myself that doing anything is and SHOULD BE at least a little bit uncomfortable. So that if I start to feel overly comfortable, I will know that I am likely overestimating myself or being lazy.

I will remind myself like the slaves that used to whisper in the victorious Roman Generals:

“Remember you are a man.”

or in my case:
“We rarely grow where we are comfortable”.

Morning Block Playlist

Today’s addition to the play list is– BlockBoy JB (Feat. Drake) – “Look Alive”

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