New Year Resolutions

This year I decided to begin my Resolutions List with the things that no longer have to be resolutions.

Out with the Old…

  • Exercising Regularly
  • Doing More Creative Writing
  • Kept Good Grades in my Computer Science Classes
  • Rebuild my self-confidence and focus
  • Identify and begin eliminating bad habits
  • Read More Programming Books and Books on Growth.

…and in with the New.

Doing more Outdoor Activities and Strength Training

Activities: Basketball, Hiking, and Lifting.

Why I Want to Do It: Exercise has been the single greatest way of  managing my stress, anxiety, productivity and mood. All the things that the internet says about its benefits is true and I’m enjoying every second of it.

Ok no I’m not. But I love the satisfaction of finishing my daily routine.

Why I Don’t Want to Do It: This has the least resistance from my mind because it was the first good habit I built last year. In other words it’s already a habit–the goal is to evolve it into a more adventurous and fun activity.

Maintain and Evolve Good Habits.


Happiness is Designed.

Why I Want to Do It: Part of the reason 2016 was a tumultuous year for me because of the sheer amount I learned about programming, humility, the things that are important to me, my relationships, and what I need to have the life that I want. It was the first year I have tried to make every project or challenge I took on more difficult than the last. 2016 was the year of the workaholic. I would like 2017 to be the year of the evolved.

To clarify, what I mean is that habits can evolve and I am determined for my good habits to evolve. For example: I have been writing down three positive things that happened at the end of each day. In 2017 I’d like to evolve that into journaling and blogging.

Why I Don’t Want to Do It: The main problem comes down to stress. By the end of this year I will be close 30,000 dollars in school debt, so it is very important that I spend this year as wisely as possible so that I can get well paying programming Job in 2017.  It means that this year will also be as busy as the last and it will bring a return of that same level of stress. What I will be reminding myself of is that these habits are actively combatting my stress and helping me be focused.

See Jaunty Through to the End

Jaunty APP

Why I Want to Do It: Jaunty is an APP  that the team that I am working with is building. It’s a pretty amazing opportunity considering the idea behind the app closely resembles my senior project as an Entrepreneurship major.

Seeing this through could lead to a job that I love and doing work that I’m passionate about. It is also an excellent way to learn more about software and app development while still applying my marketing and business knowledge.

Why I Don’t Want to Do It: School is a priority for me, a very big one considering the amount of debt it involves. My motivation however is a passion for the idea and opportunity to learn real world programming outside of the classroom, and that the things I am learning will soon be relevant as I enter software development courses.

04. Finish the Second Draft of ‘Pray for Armistice’


Why I Want to Do It: I love this story and I think it is a story worth telling.

Why I Don’t Want to Do it: I can see this being another Resolution that gets buried midst the importance of the others. The reason I want to see this through is because of the personal satisfaction and enjoyment I get from working on it. Plus those who have peeked the story so far has enjoyed it immensely–which is all the motivation I need to keep writing.

Write Code Every Day and Build my Github repository.

MEAN Stack

Why I Want to Do It: This is an absolute must for programmers and it’s not necessarily difficult considering both my projects and classwork involve programming.

Specifically I plan to write small programs to better my knowledge of JavaScript, Design Patterns, RESTful api and modern Frameworks.

Why I Don’t Want to Do it: I am actually pretty motivated to do this, thanks to the fact I spent most of 2016 programming. The important thing is going to be challenging myself.

06. Surround Myself With People Who Make Me Better

museWhy I Want to Do It: Benjamin Franklin said that person’s net-worth is his bad habits subtracted from his good habits. In 2016 I did a good job of identifying the people who impact my net worth, and made adjustments to increase my internal net-worth. Self-worth or self-confidence if you prefer.

Why I Don’t Want to Do It: A Facebook post from 2014 sums it up.

If being alone is the absence of others, then solitude ( a state of seclusion) is what I seek out when I don’t like what’s happening in my life. To anyone who has been hurt or offended by the manner in which I went about this– I apologize. Solitude never hurts me as much as I hurt myself when I deny it from my life. Forcing a smile, going through the motions, has never made me as tough or as driven as a long solitary stretch of time. Nothing has made me appreciate people more. So don’t be offended if I don’t show up for outings, make excuses to not hangout, or generally seem disinterested. It means I’ll find you when I’m ready, and I’ll be in a better state when I am. That’s it.

A good 80% of that is bull shit. By being more social I could’ve gotten more opportunities, enjoyed myself more and be surrounded by the kind of people that share my goals and ideals. I will not lose sight of that in 2017.

07. Learn to Cook the Dishes That  I Most Often Purchase.

07Why I Want to Do It: This I think will be the easiest to complete and most likely the easiest to forget. Preparing your own meals to me is a lot like making your bed in the morning but infinitely more beneficial. It is like making your bed because each time you do it the faster you do it!

If you had a parent that liked to cook, picture them in the kitchen. Do they stop and think a lot or do they move fluidly from task to task. In the case of my mother it’s the latter. Every dish she prepares is consistent and when she is preparing a feast on the clock there is a workflow that compliments the time and prep work that is optimal to say the least.

What I’m getting at is  that cooking makes you more focused and attentive.

Preparing your own food also gives you 100% control over your diet. This is a must if you are thinking of making a serious commitment to fitness.

Most of all, I love to eat. So I’d like to eat well and eat healthy without a compromise.

 Why I Don’t Want to Do It: Getting started cooking when you don’t do it habitually can seem like a hard work, which is why is why I could see my monkey brain putting it off and just being lazy about it.

8. Quit Smoking

quit-smoking-by-the-time-youreWhy I Want to Do It: This is a milestone bad habit for me. It’s the most seditious and conniving of them all because of how hard it can be resist and how patient it is about murdering you.

This is the year that I stop. It won’t be easy, but then again why should it.

Why I Don’t Want to Do It: I have come to realize I smoke alot. In fact I smoke before I start the day, after lunch, when I’m relaxing, when I’m NOT relaxing, when I’m alone as well as when I’m around people. This one will be a tricky habit to break and it’s going to require some prep work, because right now there is no part of me that wants to quit, though a part of me knows that it should.  So I’m giving myself the end of this week to come up with a plan and a way to stay motivated.



3 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Loved this Khan! Keep going…above all, STOP smoking!! My mother recently lost the lower lobe of her lung to cancer. Thankfully, they got everything, but it wasn’t pretty. She smoked for fifty years. You’re too young and your whole life ahead of you. I want to see you finish that book. All the best to you. I always enjoy reading your blog posts.


    1. Hey! I’m so glad you’re still writing. It seems we have been blog friends for ages ha.

      I am very sorry to hear about your mother has fully recovered and hope you’re doing well as well 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words they honestly mean a lot. I think I finally have the determination to do it this time and am now preparing.

      I want to see my book finished as well, and I can’t wait for you to read it! Thank you for motivating me on here for so long. I love reading your blog as well 🙂


  2. Hey, so how many of these resolutions did you manage to accomplish or have a near-enough attempt to progress in? would be great to know as successes should be shared for inspiring others 🙂 Happy 2018 by the way. Hope your writing continues to flourish!


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