Freewrite #3: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, will their ability of humans to think for themselves deteriorate?

Thirty minute “Analyze an Issue” essay for the GRE.  Trying to get back into essay writing.

Technology, innovation, and critical thinking–all have a common need. That need is the necessity to improve upon one’s current state of being. It is a necessity as technology develops for there to be correlated inventions that address the needs of that technology, and it is the human mind—thus far—that has produced those necessary innovations. I believe this shared connection puts into question what is being assumed about the reliance upon technology and humans losing the ability to make clear and reasonable judgements.

The human reliance upon technology is a relationship that is symbiotic.  Whether you’re looking at the wheel or microscopic computer chips, human needs have always driven the need for technology. Today automated robots assemble fleets of cars, but the engineers and scientists are the ones addressing ways to make it environmentally friendly. It is also these very men and women who address the new problems that emerge with new technology. Whether we are speaking of video game customer support or creating more fuel-efficient cars–each illustrate the need for humans and technology to adapt to one another.

This relationship extends directly into the decisions that humans make. For example, those who can access Google have the ability to research: purchases, medical treatment, entertainment and a myriad of other topics. In short the ability of humans to make an informed decision has been made more efficient by a search engine. This also provides humans with more freedom to practice divergent thinking and plan for the future.

The ability of human to solve problems most enduring legacy is its ability to create problems for itself. As humans develop technology we also develop new challenges, ethical considerations, safety precautions, and economic consequences–for which more technology become necessary. Because of this cycle of development, optimization, and invention, I believe the relationship between humans and technology is a symbiotic one.


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