Freewrite #1: Addiction to Safety

This is a fictional work and a free writing exercise.

The worst part of an addiction is the goodbye. That forlorn feeling of nostalgia that comes when the danger disappears, and the safety that makes you hope you’ll meet again. Truths, lies and the normal rules aren’t the same inside a junkie. It’s not the danger that kills them, but the safety and the peace of mind.

Because, safety is the biggest drug of them all. Penetrating your veins by the needle of comfort, and running through your bloodstreams like spooked horses. Telling you’ll be fine as long as there’s enough of it even though there was no such thing as enough.


6 thoughts on “Freewrite #1: Addiction to Safety

  1. Thank you for your visit and follow. I’m very happy that I got to see your blog and what you do.

    I like comfort. When I’m in a safe place, a spot where I’m not challenged, or threatened, or too stressed, it’s like morphine being shot as I drift to sleep. The last time this happened was several years back when I was hospitalized for a bad infection. I realize that safety isn’t always such a good thing. Especially when you’re simply drifting in the same old place for a prolonged period.

    Looking forward to future posts. 🙂

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