New Features: The Sonata Knights Series, “Why read in Silence” Playlist, Helpful Writing Articles

It’s been a hell of a day. Physics homework, Calculus homework followed by finishing the outline for the fourth part (not to mention the midpoint) of the Sonata Knights Series. Which makes today’s Blogging 101’s assignment “Create a New Posting Feature”, really funny.

The Sonata Knights series was the first story that I began writing after NaNoWriMo. Riding the highs of meeting the 50k word mark, I wrote “The Wrong Kind of Knight” with a sense of Zeal.  It became the first truly popular post on this blog and it remains consistently in the top three on my “Top Posts” list. Without it this blog just would not be the same.

So this is my official announcement of the Sonata Knights Series and a few other assignments I recently finished.

Blogging 101: Create a New Posting Feature

First Feature: The Sonata Knights Series

Well “The Sonata Knights Series” has been the feature since December and I publish a new part every three weeks or so.  The first part as I mentioned before is “The Wrong Kind of Knight” and this is the description:

Much like his hedonistic tabby cat Steve, Miles Ellis knew that it took many years of peace to fully forget a few years of true chaos. Blissfully lost to an uninterrupted routine of legally growing and selling marijuana from his house, last thing Miles had wanted to do was save a damsel in distress.

Second Feature: “Why Read in Silence” SoundCloud Widget.

Music is very much a constant in my life, and is integrated to the point where I sometimes feel like “I see stories” when I hear songs. Also, let’s face it. Reading long posts in dead silence is never as relaxing as with a little bit of music.

So, now you can listen to a bi-weekly updated “why Read in Silence?” playlist while visiting my blog. Having grown up as the non musical one amongst musical friends, I will do my best to feature independent artists looking for exposure.

Genres you’ll likely hear:  Folk, electronic, classical, indie pop, instrumental, blues, songs from 50’s-60”s, video game music and film scores.

You’ll find the widget on the left hand sidebar, below the top posts page. 

Second Feature: “Helpful Articles”/ Build a Better Blogroll

Recently I put out a call for articles about writing to create “a library of useful information that is recommended by the writers who have been helped by what they learned.”

Each article submitted will be featured on my homepage as a resource for authors. This list will be updated as the links are submitted as long as they don’t offer duplicate information and seem reasonably credible.

All links can be submitted here: []

Blogging 101: Extend Your Brand

I created a I created a Tumblr account, and have been more active on Twitter. After some deliberation, however, I have decided that the theme and content of the Tumblr version of the site would be different. However, as  a marketer, I can’t in good conscience label this blog as ready for “Branding” until I have perfected the Unique Value Proposition of this blog. That being, and always will be, the stories.  I’m, however, all for Twitter:

Also Completed: Blogging 101: Content Loves DesignBlogging 101: Plug in to Social Networks,


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