What Was The Most Helpful Fiction Writing Article That You Found ?

Post the link to the most useful article  on writing you’ve found   AND how/what the article helped you improve. 

My hope is the submitted links will serve as a library of useful information that is recommended by the writers who have been helped by what they learned.

As I finish up the outline for the last half of my novel, I have been reading as much about storytelling mechanics and best practices as my schedule allows. Unfortunately, there are so many that it’s tough to find one that pinpoints the areas that trouble you.

I, for example, always feel like my stories are not lean enough. By lean, I mean a story that has exactly enough to keep you reading and leave you satisfied. Lean stories function with the key principle that Bruce Lee built his fighting system (Jeet Kune Do) on. It’s called the “economy of motion”–which means not wasting time or movement. It is meant for efficiency, directness, and simplicity.

Earnest Hemingway was a literary practitioner of the ‘economy of motion’, so were Raymond Chandler and Albert Camus. Because, a lean story can move at lightening speed, shift and pivot quickly, and ignoring all else hit the reader where they are the most vulnerable.  Which is why my pick is:


I kept wondering if there was a blueprint, of sorts, for the structure of writing fiction. Of course, I knew there wasn’t any one way to write a book, but there had to be some sort of roadmap for story structure.

I found some tools along the way, like the Hollywood story formula, but nothing helped me nearly as much as the seven-point story structure.

I relate and agree with every word of this, right down to “nothing helped me nearly as much as the seven-point story structure”. The seven-point story structure helped me pinpoint the significant events of my stories, and allowed me to concentrate on understanding their effects on characters and their outcomes. I like it because the structure is built with rising and falling action in mind, and really emphasizes on the elements that are the most crucial to a story. Horror and mystery writers in particular, in my opinion, should find this to be especially useful.


Each article submitted will now be featured on my homepage as a resource for authors. This list will be updated as the links are submitted as long as they don’t provide duplicate information and seem reasonably credible. .

Articles and Blogs Recommended So Far in order Submitted:

  2. Kristen Lamb’s Blog []
  3. Showing And Telling: The Basics []
  4. Writing Resources  by Impromptu Promplings

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