Only Heroes Cry Shalom [A Letter To My Dream Reader]

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Dear Reader,

You are a judge. A judge residing over the trials of heroes, villains and antiheroes on a speck of dust resembling a certain third planet from the sun. A place where men and women are defined by their respective choice in companion. Whether that companion is the courage to change, the nihilism to embrace chaos, or the animal instinct to survive–is for the prosecution to prove and yours to judge. To aid you in your ruling, this blog provides the stories of the accused and a perspective on these polarizing men and women.

Those who are curious about words maybe interested to know that the Hebrew word Shalom means “peace, completeness, and prosperity” in the form of a salutation. However, the ancient word for it spells: “destroy the authority that creates chaos”. The difference between ‘chaos’ and ‘evil’ is what you’ll find separates the heroes on this blog from the villains and antiheroes.

Because you can’t measure evil, but you can certainly measure chaos. In Physics the measure of chaos is, Entropy. The higher the entropy amount, the less predictability there is. Imagine “peace, completeness, and prosperity” without predictability.

The stories I want to share are tales of the roads that connect order and disorder. Travelers on these roads might seem familiar, but not everyone is headed in the same direction. Some journey to forget and some, out of habit. On this lonely road, only heroes cry Shalom.

You’ll find the first generation of these stories below, as well as a glimpse at my first novel.  So until next time, dear reader. With us, it’s never business and always a pleasure.



Noir Fiction Series: “Sonata Knights”

Much like his hedonistic tabby cat Steve, Miles Ellis knew that it took many years of peace to fully forget a few years of true chaos. Blissfully lost to an uninterrupted routine of legally growing and selling marijuana from his house, last thing Miles had wanted to do was save a damsel in distress.

Sci-fi Novel: “Pray for Armistice

Long after the Earth was forgotten, there came the planet of Armistice. Just as Earth had been the first home of humans, the Final War has turned Armistice into the last. In a land divided by harsh mountains, irradiated cities, and a canyon that separates the east from the west, humans have emerged from their shelters after two hundred years.

References and Influences:

1. [Top Cover] Spec Ops: The Line. One of my favorite video game lines. The game itself was inspired by Apocalypse Now which is another favorite of mine.


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