Pray for Amstice

Pray for Armistice

To celebrate, FINALLY, officially reaching the 100 pages/38,000 words mark, here’s the tentative short description of the first draft of the book.

Long after the Earth was forgotten, there came the planet of Armstice. Just as Earth had been the first home of humans, the Final War has turned Armistice into the last. In a land divided by harsh mountains, irradiated cities, and a canyon that separates the east from the west, humans have emerged from their shelters after two hundred years.

In the ashlands, at the heart of the east, the ruins of bombed cities stand like tombstones in a graveyard that stretches for hundreds of irradiated miles–dividing the north and the south. Travelling across this divide is the young runaway Cyril Veranite and the lion Arthur Wartooth, a pair as strange and determined as the deadly creatures and people of the ashlands.

Little do they know that this seemingly insignificant journey will put them in the middle of a brewing conflict. Because in the north mayors of Corporate Towns  quote ancient company goals and mission statements to rally citizens towards opportunities in the south, promising them the protection and aid of a revered general.

While in the south, independent cities survive through the brutal means of slavery, farming, and raiding as rumors of strange creatures from the west roaming the southlands grow more violent each day. In this world of  corporate raiders, mutants, imperialism and mysterious psychic forces, the fate of Cyril and Arthur remain in a delicate state of limbo–as the boy discovers what it means to grow up with only a few years left to live; while the lion learns how to protect and raise his adopted human son.

Check out an Inside look into the first chapter.

Writing the First Chapter: “Ozymandias and the Colossus”


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